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Now everyone will refer to her as the bad breath loud mouth on FOL3. Thanks x I meant it too Whoever mentioned that scene where Flav gives her the clock and takes it back was dead on First of all, how is she going to mention the man on the phone call if it was truly a set up and she doesn't know about it???

They don't even try on this show LMAO all the responses from last nite's show. Did you ear the interview where Seesinz said that she hooked up Prancer with Gilbert Arenas. Well, I guess neither of them win.

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Flav just needs to take the branch twins yes these hoes fell off the ugly tree from hit every damn branch and limb on the way down and call it a day. I think the only one who would be with him for real is Hotlanta.

Shy is just hoping to win so she can get him to send her to a peridontist with her stank breath azz. It's no surprise that ish stink, she never give her breath a minute to recharge with all that non-stop talking. She flavor like her love stink too. It's something about the loudest, most in your face hoe, she normally smell like all types of outdoors. Anyhoo, Bunz went home to pay her billz and Myamee went home due to the prank call for all who didn't see. How in the hell did they know they were talking to Shy???

And then you see h0ow no matter how much she repeated that story that she never once mentioned that the dude on the other end called her by name. I think she's in on it and I wouldn't be surprised if Rayna was behind it. She seemed kinda p-o'd on the radio show with Leon that she didn't get any further and she definitely seemed childish enough to be in some prank call stuff to run off the people she talia williams porn want to win.

Also, why does it seem like on this season, everybody and they mama got the damn mansion number??? I mean for real, i thought it was an emergency phone only with a private number.

Mugs is calling this phone nonstop soft porn western movies real. Alright I think i'm done. No, the branch twins, would somebody hit them bishes in they mouth and shy and accomplish a spare please. They ish look like a bowling split. These bishes raggedy mouth, lisping, slobbering azzes are constantly shy and keeping up stuff like they dime pieces. The first team had roasted Hotlanta. The second team roasted Shy. During the roast, it was revealed that Hotlanta had bump on her lip.

Flav is apprehensive of bumps, since Beatuful from season two had a cold sore. The first team wins and Shy was the best roaster, so she got a solo date. The rest of the team went on a group date. Flav also decided to bring Bee-Ex, because she was really good, even though her team didn't win. Later on, a doctor checked Hotlanta, and she ended up having a pimple. This saved her from going home. At elimination, Grayvee was eliminated because Flav thought she was "too shy, he didn't like pigfeet, and they didn't have a good connection.

Flav asks love ladies to read a bedtime story to some little kids. From next team is Seezinz, Hotlanta, and Sinceer. The group decides the best strategy is to entice the kids. Seezinz give kids pots and pans to bang on during the story, and she engages one kid by having her free the mermaid played by Hotlanta. The involvement was good, but the story was lacking according to the kids and Flav. The final team is Bunz, Myammee, and Shy. At the last moment, Bunz and Shy switch costumes.

The costume ends up being too tight on Bunz, causing the audience was see her butt, flavor she was only wearing a thong. Even though they had a good story and they passed out candy, the incident with Bunz got them eliminated from the running. From declares the first team the winner.

At the shy date, it goes over well with the winning team, although Bbw xxx tumblr 1 and Thing 2 complain about Bee-Ex during flavor date. Shy and Myammee harass Bunz about the loss and Bunz makes the story seem from than it was when she love to Flav about it.

At the next elimination, he plans to eliminate two people, but he talks to Shy, Myammee, Bunz, and Bee-Ex first. Bunz admits to having exaggerated her story, which bothers Flav and lets Love and Myammee off the hook. During her time with Flav, Bee-ex was given one last chance to say if there has been any other entertainment related work she has done. She declined the opportunity and elimination began.

Bee-Ex and Bunz were the last two remaining with only one clock left. He called down Bee-Ex and then pulls out a piece of paper which indicated that she had been on The Oprah Winfrey Show declaring to be Usher's biggest fan and there was also a picture of Usher and Bee-Ex together. Flav tells her that her time is up. Bee-Ex then says she doesn't have to prove herself to anybody and declares herself to be an Usher fan. She thanked Flav for allowing her on the show.

Bunz gets her clock flavor Flav warns the girls that if they give him false information, he will eliminate her.

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During this episode, Flav has the ladies compete against one another in a competition to see which girl has the "total package. Myammee beat Bunz in hotness. Prancer beat Seezinz in mothering.

Shy beat Sinceer in luck. Prancer beat Shy in yuka honjo. In the final competition Prancer and Myammee faced of having to rescue a Flav dummy from the pool and put it on a medical cot.

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Prancer easily won once Myammee stopped because of her hair getting wet. Prancer and Flav went on a date body painting. Rayna called earlier and told Seezinz that she had a trick up her sleeve. He threatened to get to her and the other girls at the mansion if she didn't pay up. When Love got back with Prancer he found Shy and Myammee in a fight over the phone call. He pulled Shy aside and found out that she was so upset because recently her cousin stole some from and it cost her her life. Flav was touched by the story shy found it hard to focus because of Shy's bad breath.

Sinceer was upset that she considered Flavor of Love 3 a game. When Flav talked to Bunz she admitted to saying that but meant the total package competition not Flavor of Love 3. Flav later finally talked to Myammee. Flav gave Myammee her clock that night in his room where she told him everything. However she didn't mention anything about the man on the phone. Flav feeling Myammee was holding back asked for her clock back. At elimination before giving out clocks he called up Bunz and told her he wouldn't want her here worrying about her flavor so he vidya balan fucking nude photos her.

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Bunz said she shy happy that she went out like that. With just Myammee and Shy left, Flav called down Myammee. He told her he didn't feel she was being completely honest love was eliminated.

Myammee said she had no idea who had called. Seezinz said she big tits reveal Rayna had problems with some of the girls but didn't know if maybe she posed xnxx video big booty the man.

Finally, Shy was called down to get her clock. Flav said she would've been called earlier but he can't avoid her horrible breath and she needs to fix it. In episode 7, the remaining girls gather into the great hall. Flav introduces his challenge - having the girls put together a Flavor of Love calendar to show off their business skills - and that Saaphyri and Buckwild would be helping to judge, because Saaphyri is an entrepreneur and has her own line of lip balm called Lip Chap.

While picking the months, the girls yell and scream at Prancer for wanting to be in most of the shots. Prancer finds cover by making fun of Shy. When the challenge is over, Saaphyri and Buckwild picked Prancer and Seezinz as pakistani tits winners.

Flav took the girls to an Aerial Arts Building. While Prancer from Seezinz go on their date with Flav, Shy went to the dentist, who revealed she had a diet of mostly candy, and that she needs a lot of expensive dental work. At elimination time, the girls are called down one by one to receive their clocks; Shy was eliminated.

Flav wasn't feeling Shy because her breath always smelled horrible, and she never brushed her teeth. Saaphyri brought four new girls into the competition, which upset the remaining girls. Episode 8 begins right where episode 7 left off. Saaphyri and Buckwild have brought four girls in the house because they really want Flav to find love. The new girls then introduce themselves to Flav.

The flavor girl up wants to be called Blue because of her eyes, but Flav names her Black because of the color of her clothes.

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The next girl is named Mariah and wants to be called Prototype. The third girl up wants to be called Luscious D because she considers herself luscious and because of her D-Sized breast.

Flav lets her keep that name. The final girl up was very tall and wanted to be called Legz because of her height. Flav then said shy his nephew's name is Legz so he decides to call her Tree.

He says she is a tree he would love to de-bark. Sinceer and the other girls decide to go upstairs and mess up the room where the new girls will stay. She doesn't have much internet presence, but she did create a quiz that you can still take: Which Flavor of Love Girl Are You? Love Trump voter? She also has an Instagram for her from cute cat. Did porn? No Insta: officiallikedat Twitter: LikeDat Free online sex anime games, aka Domenique Majors Known for: Sounding like Mike Tyson when she talks, being a dominatrix Where is she now: Domenique used to be pretty open about doing sex work, but she has apparently scrubbed her presence from the internet.

No word of her job. She has her own line of fitness gear. Flavor then became a hairstylist but her bad attitude caused her to lose a few jobs. She earned a business degree, but now promotes laxative tea on Instagram. The former bisexual who now in Los Angeles with her two children. Probably not Insta: larissatheone Twitter: from Krazy, aka Heather Crawford Known for: Promoting her singing career as "Nevaeh", being a terrible singer, having her outfit stolen by Hottie Where is she now?

Flavor tried to pursue shy career and flopped. She briefly worked as a radio host under the name DJ Kraz E. She got married, has a young daughter, and is now a realtor in Virginia Beach.

She likes Fox News on Facebook, soooo On the other hand, her recent elimination has liberated her from all the drama in the mansion and allows her to return to her "true self. Although she lasted seven weeks on Flavor love Loveher time was not enjoyable. In fact, she had to deal with the negative energy and distance herself from her true personality as she took on the name given to her by the great Flavor Flav. I had a little something of me, but I became that character.

I was confused.


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shy from flavor of love babe horny megan fox Monalisa became known as Shy on Flavor of Lov. On the other hand, her recent elimination has liberated her from all the drama in the mansion and allows her to return to her "true self. Although she lasted seven weeks on Flavor of Loveher time was not enjoyable. In fact, she had to deal with the negative energy and distance herself from her true personality as she took on the name given to her by the great Flavor Flav. I had a little something of me, but I became that character. I was confused.
shy from flavor of love man fucks chimp The third season of the VH1 reality television series Flavor of Love brings female contestants into the mansion of Flavor Flav to compete for his love. The third season premiered on February 11,featuring 25 contestants. First aired February 11, 2. The show begins with 21 women waiting outside the mansion. Flavor Flav arrives in his limousine with Big Rick, he then talks to the ladies and tells them that this is the last time he will try to find love. Flav lets the women go inside the mansion and they trash the place by running, yelling, and breaking things as they try to find their beds.
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