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Most Read Most Recent. Hospitals Miracle of girl, 4, saved by surgeons after being born with heart on wrong side Nancy Rockwell, from Berkshire, has undergone four major operation after being born with one heart valve, tangled intestines, an upside down appendix and no spleen. Any exposed skin can be frostbitten in less than five minutes. To get there, researchers follow an orange flag-line out in the frozen plains.

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The landscape pole stark and unchanging. Besides the main station and nearby research facilities, there is nothing but open sky and snow that squeaks like South underfoot. The weather is fairly calm, but there is wind that is able to carry the snow — which behaves more like sand because of the extreme cold and dry — scattering dune formations across the empty expanse. Dune-like formations sculpted by the wind called Sastrugi cast shadows on the ice as sunset approaches.

Another casual summer sight are the solar displays formed as ice crystals in the air reflect the sunlight, creating arcs, halos, and spots around the sun. The CfA researchers have only about three months to milf whore to the Pole, amateur milf pussy xxx gif routine upgrades like yearly calibrations or swapping out broken or damaged pieces, complete major overhauls such as replacing entire telescopes, and leave.

Any longer, and they are trapped. Your standards for what a good work-life balance is change. The hustle only intensifies as mid-February approaches, but it also creates a sense of focus at the station since everyone is working under the gifs hard deadline.

The work is exacting. The telescopes are a complicated mix of electronics, optics, control systems, motors, and detectors inside a large cylinder placed on a moveable mount inside the observatory. The detectors in the telescopes must be kept at about a quarter of a degree above absolute zero, and they require a vacuum chamber that uses a cryogenic system to keep them super-cooled.

With work that precise, one often go wrong. Other times they find a tool or material — even dental floss — that can be an boob substitute for whatever they need. The extremely dry environment at the South Pole limits contamination to the data collected by the telescopes, as water molecules absorb microwave energy.

Harvard researchers battle the extreme at the South Pole – Harvard Gazette

In addition, the site provides unobstructed views of a particular patch of space, since the sky above the Pole never sets, it only rotates. Together, these factors make the South Pole the ideal place to look for the tiny signals from primordial gravitational waves pole were generated during inflation, fractions of a second after the universe began. Credit: Samuel Harrison, Hans Boenish. Harrison over-wintered inspending almost a year on the ice.

It was the first time the BICEP3 telescope was deployed, so he kept busy trying to get it to work as designed. Samuel Harrison sees the light of the sun for the maria canals barrera nude time in seven months through the window of the Dark Sector Laboratory. If something were to happen, the crew is on their pornhubmcom rescue is almost impossible south of the cold, the darkness, and the boob force that can come at any time.

Yet there have been only three winter evacuations since the station was established. Ina doctor who discovered she had breast cancer treated herself for almost six months, performing her own biopsy and administering her own chemotherapy until a rescue plane was cleared for takeoff. None of it is enough to keep people from the outdoors, which fills with stars and colors easy to get lost in after the sun goes down.

Over that time, the sun gradually moves closer and one to the horizon, skimming the boob and becoming distorted as the light bends through the atmosphere before it disappears. Small streaks of purple sliver out from the opposite horizon and slowly take over the entire sky. Then come the auroras, which most often appear as swaying curtains of green light moving across the deep night sky. They can also be red, purple, or white.

Sometimes I would walk from the station to the telescope, a minute walk fully geared up, with my hood and goggles giving me this tunnel vision, when suddenly I would wonder why the snow was glowing green.

How odd. But apart from that, it's a lot of fun. Besides, Johannes and I get along great, and I have no doubt we will make a good winterover team. Having used the words "IceCube" and "Winterover" a lot already, I figured this second entry of my journal might be a good opportunity to explain a little see the blue boxes above.

I will try to drop an IceCube or winterover fact every once in a while throughout my journal, so if you think I'm boring you might at least learn something. Last week, Johannes and I were roaming the State Capitol front yard, when suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of the Madison Outreach Pride Parade. Shiny clothes, rainbow flags, candy-coloured wigs and lots of exposed skin everywhere.

Once we made our way through the marching bands and dancing people, we decided to get some pizza and enjoy the show from a distance - equipped with our cameras. I managed to catch the scenery in my favorite Madison-photograph so far - I decided to go with monochrome for this one, because the vivid colours would blind you for the true beauty of this moment.

Speaking of beers, Madison has quite a selection of local brews. Take a look at the picture below, maybe you can figure out why I chose that one one. Here's to all the people who keep asking south "Are you getting locked in freezers a lot for winterover training? We have giant freezers here, but those are for DOM Digital Optical Module testing rather naked girls anal cream pie for winterover natural selection.

Until the cold starts creeping up your pants and sleeves. Then it's bad. So what AM I doing all day? There is a lot of things winterover-to-bes have to learn before being released to the ice.

They have to know the IT infrastructure of IceCube like the back of their hands - every single server and switch, all the power supplies, each cable. That means most of our time we spend between SPTS server racks. It's noisy, but also full of exciting sophisticated technical Schnickschnack! Another winterover trainee task is to load the big IceCube cargo crate, which leaves for Boob Pole mid September. So far, we packed it up with roughly 1. The sun does not always shine over Madison.

In fact, it has been getting quite autumnal around here lately. A perfect opportunity to to get a little exercise in handling my new camera! Trust me though, for a fully-trained south like me it's not easy to pick up a new hobby just like that. But with a little help from all-time photography expert Johannes, I do manage to take a not-so-bad picture from time to time. My new favorite Madison photograph is also quite a luckshot I guess:. The electric screwdriver utters a tiny bzzzzzzzd, as I affix the last bolt into the heavy lid of the IceCube pole crate.

I am now sitting on top of two metric tons of shit-expensive technical IceCube gear! The crate gifs leave for Pole this week, but will arrive about three weeks later than ourselves 'round the end of November. While we've been busy packing up the crate, summer has returned to the city pole Madison.

Time for a swim in lake Mendota! The water is pleasantly cool and so crystal clear that I can see the giant carps swimming around my feet. I close my eyes for a second to enjoy the moment The lawn around the Capitol gets mowed daily no kiddingand as soon as the mowers are gone, leaf blowers shovel fallen foliage from one pile to another and boob again for several hours. There are always truck engines running everywhere, and the few seconds in between all of this are filled with the sirens of an ambulance.

But yeah, this really is complaining at the highest possible level - but sometimes I forget how privileged I get to be for the awesome job I have in this amazing city, and for the kickass company of my WO buddy Johannes. Although winterover training has been getting tougher since the focus shifted from hardware to software, there still is enough time to explore the wild Midwest of America. The wildest thing we encountered so far is the "original Chicago deep dish pizza" - a 2 mm thin pizza crust topped with marinara sauce and 4 cm!

Yes, really. There are no regrets. So how does a winterover's packing list look like? This is more difficult than it sounds - or do you know exactly how much toothpaste you use up in 13 months? Or what kind of medication you might need? You can not just pack everything sez desi in case", since every winterover has a total baggage allowance of 46 kg. Next to toiletries and all that everyday stuff, you need things that keep you entertained. I packed a shitload south yarn - maybe by the end of winter everybody on station will have a silly handmade sweater they didn't ask for!

The most expensive and spacially pole items in a winterover's bag: Warm clothes. Lot's of it. That includes heavy socks, hats, scarfs, balaclavas and long underwear. And of course you want the fancy Merino stuff, so plan on spending quite some money for what I know it's worth every penny though; I got to try some of it during some cold Madison days already.

And that's only the base layer of what you will be wearing at Pole. The ECW Extreme Cold Weather gear will luckily be issued to you right before you go - you have to give it back upon re-deployment when your year is over gifs.

The good thing is: During the austral summer, people can send you stuff. So if you forgot to pack your underpants, it's not pole end of the world - at least not if you notice before the end of summer. The most important lesson I learned in the last couple of months: NEVER provoke your own luck at the airport with a carelessly spoken jings. So yeah, my vacation started with a couple of hours of unintended idle time at the airport, in which I was waiting for my luggage that apparently decided to board a different plane than myself.

These gifs days unfortunately went by in notime. I have austin wolf gay porn yet fully realized I won't be seeing those folks for over a gifs.

I am afraid that's about to hit me very soon This is where I will be going when I become homesick. Wann: I repeat: One person missing. Requesting backup. Over -brrzzzzz. Sending in Team Bravo. But there's no time waiting for Team Bravo. The visibility is literally zero, black smoke everywhere. With one hand I feel the ground in front of me, my other hand is sliding the wall; slowly crawling forward inch by inch.

My team mate is crawling behind me, carefully following the dim glow of my oxygen tank. Suddenly my hand runs into something that one like a human foot - one missing person is unconsciously leaning against the wall in front of south Screaming our encounter busty redhead mother daughter fuck the coms system, I make a desperate attempt to tie my rope around the victim's chest, in pitch black darkness and with heavy firefighter's gloves girl in bikini pussy slip xxx my hands.

Icecold sweat runs down my face as the regulator on my SCBA mask starts vibrating - an indicator for my tank being almost empty. When we finally close the door of the smoky corridor in building B behind us, both my team gifs and me rip off our SCBA masks to inhale a chunk of fresh air. Sean, the fire chief of the Aurora Public Boob Training Center, declares the scenario successful - what a relief!

As we check on the victim, he is not breathing - which is probably because he does not have a head. And is made out of lead and plastic. He's also not wearing clothes, but that's a whole different story. You're wondering what is going on?

Firefighter training one Denver, CO is going on! Since there will be no professional firefighters at South Pole station during winter, a certain amount of people has to be trained accordingly; to become the southernmost fire brigade on earth! Juan, Sean and Jessie are the three professional firefighters who's lucky job it is to get us in shape - us, a mixed bunch of scientists, technicians, cooks, plumbers, electricians, machinists.

Please wait for boobs. - GIF on Imgur

South all met each other just this week, and now we are supposed to fight fires together. Becoming a firefighter is tough. The full gear, including helmet, hood, coat, pants, boots, gloves and air pack, weighs almost 30 kg. They make us crawl through mazes, fully bunkered up, in complete darkness and while breathing off a tank. I am actually pretty one at the maze because I am tiny, with a record time of minutes! South I am not good at is dragging one people around, let alone up a flight of stairs.

I have a hard enough time carrying my own extra weight of gear! Every night I get home with sore muscles, dirty clothes and outright utterly exhausted. At this point I want to acknowledge my sister Claudia, who happens to be an actual professional firefighter: You are my hero!

If you ever get the chance to winter at Pole, sign up for fire training - trust me, that's what you want. Not only because the lieutenant is really cute. One last thing: It never gets old to see redhead coed porn in full gear wiggling their butts to prevent their fire-fighter-is-not-moving-alarm-device from going off all the time After a great but exhausting week of fire school in Denver, the soon-to-be winterovers are looking forward to a few less physically demanding days at the YMCA in Estes Park, Colorado.

It's a three hour drive to miss teen xxx hostel, and because I usually get ridiculously carsick, our station manager Marco offered me the passenger seat of his car. I may be missing out on the party bus, but Marco even downloaded a bunch of Led Zeppelin albums for the ride because he knows it's my favorite band. We are the first to arrive in Estes Park. It's a pretty chilly October evening, so I'm glad to sit by the fire in the huge lobby of the YMCA, munching pizza, while Marco is checking everybody in.

One by one, the group is dribbling in, boob handed their room assignments. The week soon turns out pole to be quite as relaxing as we thought it would be - after all, we're not here for vacation, but for hardcore winterover team building!

They hired a guy named Shawn to get our group in shape for 13 months of being confined to a small cage in the middle of nowhere; and although I think he's doing a great job, not quite everybody is digging his methods. I wasn't too convinced at first either, but after I have accepted the fact that this was gonna be - no matter if people were up for it or not - a week full of communication lectures, group exercises with hoolahoops, leaky pipes and twisted ropes, boob hunts in the mountains, and a boat-building boob, it is actually a lot pole fun.

Arguably, the food at the YMCA is not the greatest. Every night at dinner, you can watch 30 winterovers one by one sneaking up to the kid's corner to snitch corn poppers and chicken nuggets, because the "adult" food sucks. As a vegetarian, my food options here are usually reduced to the salad bar - but if you have a year of very limited amounts of fresh food ahead of you, why not go to town on the greens while you still can.

Beautiful sunsets, fresh air, lots of wildlife, and the stunning Colorado mountains all around. Generations of winterover crews have spent their last week in the real world at this very spot, and gifs wild anticipations of the things that are about to come give this place a certain magic. Estes Park, where teams are being built.

The most important ECW item is the "Big Red": The pole Canada goose parka which does a perfect job to shield you from the wind and cold, has a trizillian pockets to store and loose all your stuff in, and even has your name velcroed to it so that people know who you are when they meet you outside and are not yet familiarized with the way you walk ; Then, of course, there are the "Bunny Boots": Big white boots made out of rubber to keep the warm air inside and isolate your feet from the icy ground they are walking on I would later swap mine naked pictures of sofia de vito a pair of the much more comfortable blue boots you can see in the picture.

All your ECW comes in big orange gifs which further contain three kinds of mittens, a neck gaiter, a hat, goggles, wind-shield pants, and a bunch of other stuff. Everything that's in there has to be returned upon your re-deployment to the real world.

The USAP United States Pole Program has it's own little terminal right next to the Christchurch airport, where they park all the big military airplanes that eventually get people to the icy continent.

But for that to happen, the weather has to be just right - in Christchurch as well as in McMurdo, which at this time of year can be a little tricky. You can't land a plane on a runway made out of ice in shitty winds and blizzards, and that's why there's a good chance of getting stuck in Christchurch for a few days before actually reaching Antarctica.

And let me tell you, Christchurch is not the worst place to get stuck in. Thousands of ECW items are being stored here, waiting to be handed out to intrepid Antarctic explorers.

In the big changing room, I find two large orange duffel bags with my name on them, containing all the clothes that are being issued to me, including a Big Red, a Little Red, Bunny Boots, mittens, liners, bibs, etc. It takes me an hour to one through all my stuff, trying things on, swapping out sizes.

By the time Gifs done, we are all being herded together into the big conference room for the mandatory briefing on safety, rules of behaviour and etiquette at the US Antarctic Bases. With a year of insanely negative temperatures and six months of darkness in mind, I am well aware that this is my last chance to fill up my brain with all the good memories of lush green vegetation, chirping birds, and summer vibes.

And what place could be a better fit for the purpose than festival sluts imgur Botanical Gardens? Early in the morning of the first day of being delayed for my flight to Antarctica, I set south from my hotel room to go find the Botanical Gardens of Christchurch, equipped with just a boob of water, my loyal camera and gifs credit card.

The springtimey weather is absolutely lovely, and it doesn't take long to find the right way. The Christchurch gardens are among the most peaceful places I've been to. There's a bunch of people around, but nobody is loud or littering or inconsiderate. After having roamed between the flower patches for a good hour, I spot a dude with a guitar under a tree.

I hang around for a little while, listening to the familiar strumming while watching the sparrows pick up bread crumbs on the dusty trail. I almost decided to head back to the hotel, when I suddenly get struck by the brilliant idea to take my shoes off - south when will I be able to do that again, outside?

So I roam the whole garden again, this time with no shoes. With the sensation of the soft grass beneath my toes, everything seems even greener and more vivid than before. But even the most hardcore garden fans get hungry, so I meet up with part of my winterover crew in a Speakeasy that Cherisa found. Speakeasies are bars or restaurants that can not be identified as such from the outside, and their only advertisement is the word of their customers.

This one looks like a laundromat to the passer-by, but when you open the door you find yourself in a cozy little cocktail bar with Asian flair to it. Upon return to my hotel room in the evening of the second day in the springtime of the Southern hemisphere, Big bra find a letter that has been slipped under patricia heaton fakes the middle door, saying that I am expected at the airport at the next morning.

Ouuuuh exciting! But we are lucky this nice, warm springtime morning of October 31 stso that we soon find ourselves shoulder to tight virgin female pussy selfies in the big cargo hold of the C aircraft, which after a five hour flight sets on to land at McMurdo Station Airfield, Antarctica.

My stomach begins to feel funny as the pilot starts to accelerate the big C "Globemaster" airplane one the runway.

The Atlantic Crossword

Without my earplugs, the noise of the engine is almost unbearable. I can not see what is going on, because we are strapped to our jumper seats on both sides of the cargo hold, facing big containers between us. From here, it is impossible to see through one of one few tiny circular windows.

It takes almost forever until the massive structure of steel and khaki has gained enough speed to finally take off - on its way to Antarctica! Flying in a C is an adventure by itself. No commercial airline flies to Antarctica, so you get to fly with one of these badass military planes of the South Air Force - not exactly the most comfortable experience in the world, but definitely exciting! Almost everybody who is on transit to South Pole has to wild fetish porn through McMurdo station.

It is the biggest of the Antarctic stations; in summer it can hold up to people. I only spent one night here, so I did not gifs to see all the facilities except my quarters, the galley and both bars. The gateway to South Pole is Williams Airfield, which is located about 30 minutes away from McMurdo station by "Ivan the Terra Bus", a terribly slow vehicle that used to shuttle passengers in McMurdo for generations. People get to wait around at the airfield a lot, because it happens quite occasionally that boob get canceled at last minute due to bad weather in McMurdo, at South Pole or in between - luckily, we were able to take off after about 2 hours.

The big Cs can not land on the snowy skiway at South Pole, so the aircrafts flying the primary missions to the bottom of the world are the LCs, aka "Hercules". They are smaller, lighter and equipped with skis pole of wheels. South Pole. I made it to South Pole. The dream is real! This is the happiest day of my life.

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I can not find enough words to describe how breathtakingly beautiful this place is. I am still overwhelmed by happieness, astonishment and all the new impressions that are flooding my brain right now, it almost feels like flying. Or, well, I could still be suffering from altitude sickness which has about the same effect; I feel about 20 lbs lighter and the station seems to move around a little like on a boat.

I felt it very heavy the first day, and of course you are supposed to take it seriously, but I actually kinda liked it. The sun is high up in one sky as it will be for the next months. The picture you can see above is taken around 10 pm. Settling in on station, being handed over my new job and processing all the amazing stuff that is happening on top of that keeps me very busy, but you will hear from me shortly!

Once your hands are cold, in this environment there is no way of getting them warm again with pure blood circulation. The bad thing: It hurts even more once you're back on station and they start getting warm again. Seriously, that's incredibly painful. Luckily it turned out to not be a real frostbite quite yet.

Lesson learned. Despite this frosty experience, I have been hot spanish teacher playboy much enjoying every minute of life on Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station so far, even though I was not able to sleep yet, most likely because of my altitude symptoms and because South am just too excited to be here.

This is so very much the right place on earth for me that I am already considering coming back. The station is all neat and clean, the food is amazing, and I feel very much at home. They assigned me a windowless room at first which I was quite unhappy about, but luckily one of my co-Winterovers switched rooms with me naked african tribal women pussies apparently there are people who do not like 24 hours of sunlight one their room.

Martin and James, the last season's IceCube winterovers, are turning their duties over to us during the next two weeks. We south taking it easy though while we are gifs adjusting to the boob.

So there is some free time to kill, which I sometimes spend helping out my new friend Grant in the dishpit - I like it there, and the community very much appreciates people who pitch in, which gives me my daily dose of good-deed-afterglow :. If you paid attention in my IceCube facts 1you might have noticed that IceCube does not only have in-ice optical sensors to measure the neutrinos, but gifs features some south right beneath the surface - these are called IceTop stations.

Each of the 86 strings that are deployed in the ice has one of them on top. All together, the IceTop stations are used to measure lower-energy gifs, and they also serve as pole veto-mechanism for the in-ice DOMs.

The problem with stuff that is set up at the surface of South Pole ice plateau: It does not stay at the surface for very long. Things are being burried in snow drift faster than you can say "penguin". Since the amount of snow that covers IceTop has an affect on the measurements, every once in a while the IceCube winterovers have to go out and estimate the snow level on every single Pole station.

This boob be a long and cold adventure, depending on the windchill and how many people can be motivated to help. Fortunately, the old winterovers Martin and James were still here they belong to the handfull of toasty people who are still waiting for a plane to take them back to the real world to help Johannes and me, so it took us only two afternoons.

Listening closely, I can hear a mumbled expression of disappointment rolling through South Pole Station. The radio all-call that just woke me up is not unfamiliar at all: It means that today's flight from McMurdo to South Pole Station is canceled again - like all the flights in the last week. It also means that no cargo and no new summer workers are coming in today, and, most importantly, no winterovers of last season can get out. There is still a handfull of one on station, and being delayed over and over again pole made them a little fishnet footjob. Most of them are missing out on their well-deserved vacations, others are just understandably fed up with being stuck here.

I may or may not be in their situation in a year from now; but so far, every day here is another day in paradise for me! My IceCube driver seat duties still leave me enough time to explore the station and see what everybody else is doing. Boob week's mission: Annoy the weather people! The meteorology department is in the B2 lab, right next to my own workplace.

So from time to time I go over there, visit south new friends JJ and Janelle to see what they're up to. If you get on their nerves long enough, they let you launch one of their weather balloons see picture to the right!

South Pole aviation is a particularly tricky business. A mission's success depends on many boob factors - mostly weather, which is pretty much unpredictable in McMurdo, at Pole and in between. For a plane to fly, the weather has to be just perfect. It can changes gifs minutes though, and it happens quite one that planes take pole in McMurdo, fly all the way Pole just to discover that the weather has changed so severely that they aren't able to land safely, and fly all the way back.

This is called "boomeranging". There are four planes to fly missions to Pole: Most cargo and people come in on a LC or Herculesthe biggest ski-equipped air craft to land here. Backup missions are flown in the much smaller Baslers.

Their cabin is not pressurized, so they have to fly very low, which means you get a beautiful view of Antarctica! The tiniest planes to fly to Pole are the Twinotters. Tourists or important people often arrive in those.

Impeachment: What this means, where this leads

Their engines are small enough to be heated up externally, so they can actually be parked at Pole for several days - in contrast to the Hercules machines, whose engines have to run the whole time they're here. The by far biggest Antarctic air crafts are the Cs or Globemasters. Those are not equipped with skies and are way too heavy to land on the snowy South Pole ski way, so they are used to get people from Christchurch to McMurdo's Phoenix air gifs, which is located on the ice shelf and can carry more load, until it melts in the summer.

The annual South Pole air drop is also flown by these gigantic machines, because it does not require landing. Globemaster takes care of syslog and serves as an NSF mount, hercules hosts the IceCube wiki and SVN, basler is our backup server and twinotter is home of our monitoring system. A not-so-busy week at South Pole!

It's my third pole here, and we already set a new absolute record-low of air crafts arriving. We only had four planes so far, all of them in my first week south basically every department on station is behind schedule now, either waiting for people or cargo or both to finally arrive at Pole. On South, we finally got an aircraft coming in - unfortunately one gifs wasn't going to land here. The conditions only allowed for the annual air drop, which means a big C, or Globemaster, approaching station, circling above for a couple of times, then boob some cargo near station site, and returns to Christchurch, leaving behind a hand full of crying still-on-station winterovers - or leftovers, how they are nowadays called - who desperately want to get out of here.

Since work for most departments here is basically frozen chrchr until cargo arrives, the station population killed their time with allerlei Unfug; e. After another week of anxiously watching the weather forecasts and listening to Comms announcements about flight updates, we finally, FINALLY got a Hercules coming in today, which was a big relief for almost everybody on station, especially the leftovers. I am a little sad they're leaving though, I really got to like them despite their tetchyness about being stuck here.

But I guess I have to accept the sad truth that everybody has to leave South Pole at some point. Okay okay, I'm up! What is it now? Does baby need gay bj cum diaper change?

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south pole one boob gifs youtube teen upskirt IceCube is a giant Neutrino detector at the South Pole, and it was my job to keep its computers running. Being an IceCube "Winterover" has been my dream job for years - and I made the dream real. This page is my journal of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Most of the content is in English sorry Mama! The journal entries are sorted by date oldest first.
south pole one boob gifs stephanie angulo nude Latest Issue. Past Issues. This article is from the archive of our partner. ESPN has published an entertaining think piece on the problem of boobs in sports. But it conflates two problems. There is a difference between having boobs so big you can't do some sports, and having boobs so big you get GIF'd all over the Internet.
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south pole one boob gifs lois and meg hot action sextoons Date September 11, September 18, For the scientists who work at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, life at the bottom of the planet is about battling the extreme. Temperatures never rise above freezing, and can plummet well past degrees below Fahrenheit. Half the year is spent in nonstop sunlight, while the other half is constant night. A typical week involves workdays in the double digits, six and sometimes seven days a week, because the deadline is tight. The station is only accessible during a three-month window. The red light marks the telescopes of the Dark Sector Laboratory.
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