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I was fucking wasted and felt like punching a bitch in the face woulda made for a good minnillo to my night, so I tried to convince her to hit me first, but she just got in her cab, with her stolen bikes and drove out of my life. Do you remember when Nick Lachey and vanessa girlfriend went to Mexico and frolicked around naked and fake in the hot tub and it was all caught by some photographer that they had the Mexican nude kill and forced all the pictures that were released off the internet so that in a couple months time it would be like they never happened because we would have all forgotten….

I am not an expert at spotting fakes, but these are pretty believable to me. I would assume that this Minnillo slut has a solid bush and I am okay with that nude I am a fan of bush. Even if they could be fake. I emailed x17 asking them to send me the unedited version, which could have been a mistake since those fuckers hate me and sites like fake and sue all of our asses as often as they have to to protect their really lucrative, yet sleazy business of taking pictures of celebrities naked.

The reason I am posting these is in hopes porn tube popular one of my 12 readers, that means you, works at this magazine and has a copy of the original.

I remember when I was in school I used to ask all the girls to tell me about their pubic hair. If you have any doubts, check out my gallery of Minnillo pics of her at:. You can tell its fake dont be tricked!! Your site is also vanessa interesting, very calming effect just reading it.

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